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Fill in the required fields and begin the game. Select the view point (male, female or family) and the activities in order to create your perfect day in Cannes.
Then select your favorite music (2 choices possible) and view your artistic composition. Share without moderation.


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Site Content

The Editor commits to keeping the Site up to date but can in no way guarantee that the information found on the Site is updated 24/7. The company reserves the right to modify its content without prior warning.

The information on the Site and/or accessible by the Site is shown for information purposes only and by no means constitutes commands, suggestions or requests. The Editor may in no way be held responsible for any damages that result from the interpretation or use of information available on the Site.

The User is solely responsible, on a legal level, for the information and/or content (texts, images, sounds etc.) that he/she communicates via the forums, blogs, chat rooms and other communities on the Site. The Editor acts purely as the host and is not responsible for the surveillance of the content uploaded by Users.

As a result, the User will not hold the Editor accountable for any actions, disputes, damages and interests or other actions or claims by third parties for whatever reason arising from the User’s communication regarding the Site and its content. In the event of the Editor being held liable for a User’s breach of obligations as outlined in the present Terms & Conditions, the Editor reserves the right to implead the User. The User also waives all recourse against the Editor in the event of legal proceedings carried out by third parties relating to the usage and/or unlawful exploitation of the Site.

Site accessibility

The Editor commits to maintaining the Site’s accessibility 24/7. However, the Editor may not be held responsible in the event of:

  • interruption to the Site for technical maintenance reasons or updating published information;
  • temporary unavailability of the Site due to technical problems, regardless of their cause or origins;
  • direct or indirect damages caused by the User, regardless of their nature, resulting from the content, access or use of the Site;
  • the abnormal use or unlawful exploitation of the Site. The User is solely responsible for any damages caused to third parties and for the consequences of any resulting claims or actions.

Characteristics and limits of the Internet

Connecting to the Site implies the User’s knowledge and acceptance of the limits of the Internet, in particular regarding technical performance and the response time for consulting, requesting or transferring information, the risk of interruption and, more generally speaking, the absence of protection of certain data against possible misuse or the risks of contamination by internet viruses on the network.

As a result, the Editor may under no circumstances be held responsible for the following (but not limited to the following situations):

  • the transmission and/or reception of any unwanted data and/or information on the Internet,
  • of any Internet network malfunction that may impede access to the Site and/or functioning of one or several games offered on the Site,
  • the failure of any reception equipment or communication lines,
  • the loss of paper or electronic mail and, more generally, the loss of any data,
  • transmission problems,
  • the malfunctioning of any software,
  • the consequences of any technical virus, bug, anomaly or failure,
  • the consequences of any technical virus, bug, anomaly or failure,
  • for any technical, material or software failure, regardless of their nature, that may have impeded or restricted the User’s participation in any of the games offered on the Site or caused damage to the User’s computer system.

Nor does the Editor accept responsibility for any possible Internet malfunctions that may lead to failure regarding the administration, safety, integrity or implementation of the games or services offered by the Site.

Connection to the Site and the participation in games offered on the Site remain the User’s full responsibility. The User must take all necessary measures to protect his/her personal data and/or software saved on computer equipment against any violation.


The present Terms & Conditions are subject to French law which determines the applicable law in each case. In the absence of any necessary provisions contrary or in the presence of a choice in the applicable law, French law shall be applied.

Any disputes that may arise relating to the validity, interpretation, acceptance or execution of the present Terms & Conditions, regardless of the place of consultation, inscription or payment, shall first be subject to an attempt at mutual resolution by both parties. If the dispute remains unsolved amicably after 3 months, the Court of Cannes will have exclusive jurisdiction in the event of third party or plural respondents, emergency or precautionary procedures, interim procedures and appeals.